ACM-W Europe and Codess Hackathon sponsored by Intel® and Microsoft will be held in Uppsala, Sweden on September 24th 2015, in conjunction with womENcourage 2015 celebration of women in computing. The challenge is to build innovative and exciting projects which improve the day to day lives of people using the Intel® Edison Development Board and the Intel IOT DevKit.  Your resulting project could be anything that will help humanity.

The Hackathon will begin at 9AM (registration opens at 8:30).  The first 1.5 hours will be tutorials on how to program the boards, specifically we will review

  • Reading analog input from sound potentiometer
  • Using pwm output with buzzer
  • How to use serial LCD
  • A tutorial with rotary angle sensor
  • Of course blinking lights


From 10:30 until 3:30 the participants will implement their idea on the Edison boards.  At 3:30 each team will demonstrate their implementation, judges will review the ideas and then announce the winners at 7PM during the career fair.







Tutorials (Edison Boards) and Team Forming


Work on ideas


Demonstrations of ideas


Winners announced



The Hackathon is open to all participants regardless of gender, occupation, and age or experience level. 

We encourage diversity in teams with the goal to have gender neutral teams (50/50 split).

People from all countries are eligible to participate.


Develop solution to improve day to day human life, example (a bracelet for your kid so you can track them down). 

Get started with the Dev Kit – which is based on Intel® architecture and designed to be hardware and software pin-compatible with Arduino. Plus it includes lots of cool sensors, software and accessories to stimulate your creativity. 

Prototype will be developed using Intel Edison board and Intel IOT DevKits

The programming environment can be Wyliodrin, Arduino or the Intel IOT Developer Kit found here

Additional information about the board or the kit is here 

If you have your own development environment please feel free to use it on the day, or if you would like to use Microsoft technologies – please feel free to download here:

Free Visual Studio trials -

Free Azure trial - http://akams/mscloudtrial

Free Visual Studio Online trial (for managing products and storing code)

If you are eligible for BizSpark – you can also sign up here:

Hackathon Sponsors


$2,650 in prizes

Microsoft Band (5)

One band each for a team of 5

Intel® Edison compute module and Grove Starter Kit Plus 2015 Edition (10)

Each second and third place team member will take home one Intel Edison compute module ( and a Grove Starter kit Plus 2015 Edition(

Skype card with $10 (15)

First, Second and Third place team members will each receive one card with Skype credit of $10

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

Registeration is free but must register in advance!

Participants will form teams of 5-6 members, we can support up to  20 teams (total 100 participants).  Teams should be made up of a variety of skills, for example, front and back-end developers, designers, tester and product managers.  You can plan, storyboard, and determine what you want to do and how you will go about building the solution - the only caveat is that no actual programming is allowed until the day of the event!

  • Once registered for the hackathon, tick I’m looking for teammates and don’t forget to give a brief description here of the project you want to lead or get involved in, and the tech stack you plan on using.
  • If you hope to lead a project, in the weeks leading up to the hackathon, you can Update your Portfolio and add more details on the software project you will be working on including the name and tagline – this will be useful to prepare ahead of the hackathon day - just make sure you keep your project visible to share with others
  • For those that don’t fancy leading a project, and want to join someone else’s project – click connect with the person whose project interests you the most and drop them a message letting them know you are interested.  They can then add you to the project team.

Prior to the Hackathon, materials related to the Edison boards will be distributed to participants.

On the day, if there are still attendees who are not in teams, we will ask the team leaders/mentors of teams open to having more members to stand up and pitch their idea – this will give anyone an opportunity who isn’t already in a group to join one of interest.



Barbara Willis

Barbara Willis
Intel Deutchland

Justin Pearson

Justin Pearson
Uppsala University

Nesrine Changuel

Nesrine Changuel
Program Manager, Skype

Panagiota Fatourou

Panagiota Fatourou
FORTH ICS & University of Crete

Judging Criteria

  • Appropriateness to challenge (out of 40)
    • Does your entry address the challenge?
  • User Experience (out of 20)
    • Will the entry be easy to use by non-technical users?
  • Originality and Impact (out of 20)
    • Have you provided an innovative solution with large-scale impact? How creative is your idea and approach to the solution?
  • Technical difficulty and Functionality (out of 20)
    • How well does your prototype work?

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